Tips for a Fabulous Facebook Business Page

Tips for a Fabulous Facebook Business Page

This week the goal is to update the Studio Em Interiors Facebook page.  We added to the page when it was first established and really have not changed anything since.  It has long been thought about, but just never quite got done.  Today we are going to share a few tips of the things we felt were important to the page and by the research we did a lot of others feel these things are important as well.  We are by no means experts on Facebook, but we do know what information is essential so people know who you are and what you do.  Hopefully the update will entice a few more people to click that Like button.

Your Cover Photo is the first thing that most people will notice when they visit your page.  This makes it one of the most important elements on the page.  You want to make sure it is relevant to your brand and gives people a good idea of who you are and what it is that you do.

The next thing most people notice is your Profile Picture.  This can be a company logo or a headshot of you if you are a one person show.  You will want to keep in mind that the profile picture is what is shown in the newfeeds and when you comment on things.  Make sure whatever it is, it is recognizable as your business so people know what business is popping up in the feed and who is commenting just by looking at your picture.

Next is the ever important About Page.  If people like what they see when they go to your page then they will most likely read the about section to learn about you in a little more detail.  This is where you need to shine.  Check out our post on how to have an interesting about page here.

Something that we definitely need to update on our page is our App Buttons.  These buttons can be customized with your own images to fit with the look of your brand.  You can also choose what apps you would like to use and in what order they appear on your page.  Really think about what you do and who your target audience is so you are using the best apps for your target audience.

Lastly, use your Photos to your advantage.  If you used your company logo in your profile picture be sure to add a headshot to introduce yourself and your employees (if you have some).  We are going to use ours to showcase our work and really show people what we can do.  This will be an ever evolving showcase of completed projects and behind the scenes sneak peeks into our daily work.

As we said before we are by no means experts on updating our Facebook business page and we learned a lot in this process.  To find out more about the technical side of customizing your page you can do a simple Google search or we loved what we saw here and here.

Feel free to check out our current Facebook Page to see how it looks now and then come back on Thursday to see the updated version with all of our changes!

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